Built-up letters for traditional and thickset 3D shop or office signage.
Available in a range of depths in acrylic or metals including stainless steel, brass and copper in a brushed or polished mirror finish. Acrylic built- up letters are very popular with illuminated lighting inserted inside the letters. Our layered sign letters are created by using different colours or finishes from the same or different sign media to create borders and 3D sign letters with greater depth and visual intrigue. Mix and match any of our letters for creative branding and signage solutions.


Multi-faceted fairground style and golf-ball shaped coloured LED bulbs in individual holders. Diameter of the bulbs range from 40mm to 60mm. These lamps can be fitted into open faced built-up letters or set in their own array and with 13 cabochon colours and 2 LED colours to choose from, you can create 1000's of combinations. Specifications: traditional fairground look; 15 different colours; Low energy consumption; custom made to your specific requirements; individual holders for total flexibility; 12-month warranty on all LED fairground lights.


Aluminium composite polished mirror silver and gold lettering provide the ultimate professional look for any signage requirement including external shop fascia’s, internal branding and directional signs. Aluminium composite letters are lightweight and easy to install. Available in any font type or custom shape logo. Specifications: 3mm thickness; outdoor or indoor applications.

Brushed gold, silver or bronze aluminium composite letters provide a stylish and classic metallic look for any shopfront, office, way finding signage or reception logo requirements. These sign letters are very durable and can be used for long term external or internal applications. Also available in a new brushed copper and black. Specifications: brushed Aluminium Composite; 3mm thickness; outdoor or indoor applications.



Our PVC plastic sign lettering is available in any font or custom shape and are perfect for shopfront signage, reception sign letters, logos, exhibition displays and much more. These great value sign lettering is available in a wide range of standard colours or can be painted in a chosen RAL colour to match your branding requirements. The PVC lettering is highly durable and can be used for interior and exterior signage. They are lightweight and easy to install with the provided template guide. We also offer a sign lettering installation service. Available in 5, 10 and 19mm thicknesses with standoff fixings to provide a 3D raised effect, or glued directly onto the surface. Specifications; PVC, 5, 10 and 19mm thicknesses; outdoor or indoor applications; supplied white or black or spray painted in any RAL colour.

flatcut letters

Using our 3000 x 2000mm CNC Router system Display Signs can now offer an extensive range of profile cut flat lettering, logos and shaped panels. We can accurately reproduce lettering and logos in materials such as:

  • Acrylic

  • Foamed PVC 

  • Premier Bond aluminium composite panels

  • Mirror & rushed composites


Mounted on locators, acrylic lettering is ideal for shop fascia’s, external signage and internal walls.


Foam PVC letters come in a variety of thicknesses, perfectly complementing interior displays & exhibitions. Colours are available, but one of the best effects is to apply a vinyl film to the face leaving the return white. Most foam PVC letters and logos can be fitted using robust double sided adhesive tape.


Premier Bond letters along with mirror & brushed composites letters are popular with interior signs and logos, fitted using fixing locators or double sided adhesive tape.


3D illuminated letters have become a popular illuminated signage solution. Get the look of a neon sign, with the benefits of LED's cost-effectiveness, low power consumption, brightness, and reliability. Achieve different lighting features with halo effects, side or edge lighting, back lighting, front lighting, and even variable colours and materials. How It Works; The text or logo is fabricated from aluminium or acrylic materials. The letters can be fully illuminated (front and sides), they can be front lit, side lit (opaque faces) or space mounted and back lit. Alternatively, the illumination can be embedded in solid acrylic letters giving an overall glow. Your creativity is the only limit to what can be achieved with custom illuminated letters. Depending on the finish and colour required, we can produce your illuminated signage from a variety of durable, high quality materials and techniques. They can be finished as polished mirror, brushed steel, powder coated, aluminium, brass or painted. Just as popular now is the usage of aluminium letters that offer a high-end brushed finish and can similarly be internally illuminated to provide a front or back-lit effect. Your sign consultant will advise on the best solution for your branding needs.


       neon         LED 

LED neon lights replicate the lighting effect of glass neon lights but do so more efficiently. These lights feature a strip with different Light-emitting diodes or LEDs mounted on it. The type, color, size, and strength of these LEDs determines the color, brightness, and hue of the neon light produced. LED neon signs are growing in popularity every day as they are easy to use and extremely versatile.

You can find many different kinds of neon LEDs in the market. The most common are neon LED rope lights. You can also find many LED light strips already shaped into popular forms like the letters in the alphabet, numbers, and novelty shapes like food and animals.

They are also available in a number of different colors and color combinations. LED neon lights combine the old and the new, they feature bright neon colors paired with the newest technology of lighting so you have more control over the neon lights.

Good quality LED neon lights have high luminous efficiency that produce uniform and soft light. It’s also better to have flexible LED strips for a more convenient and easier installation process.


             ınfınıty   mırror 

The dazzling infinity mirror effect is achieved using two mirrors: a regular mirror with LEDs in front of it, and a second one-way mirror that reflects the LED image back onto the fully reflective mirror. The result is a series of smaller and smaller reflections that recede into an infinite distance.


Multi Color Digital LED Display Board with Embedded Controller, RS485, USB Interface. LED Sign Boards. With the introduction of LED into illuminating concepts, a new dimension of durable signage has been guaranteed. LED sign boards are energy efficient, durable, long lasting, water and weather-resistant, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly due to their disposal integrity.


dıgıtal     dısplay      totem    

This free-standing single-sided digital totem creates one of the most sophisticated and eye-catching promotional displays possible. Supporting both image slideshows and videos, with or without sound, a Digital Display Totem can really make your message stand out and has a very sophisticated appearance. What can I show on this digital advertising screen? This digital totem screen can be used to show either image slideshows or videos and can even support both visuals at once thanks to a clever split-screen function. Simply create your content using a Mac or PC, save the files to a USB stick and insert into the rear of the totem to transfer your presentation to the built-in storage. Settings on the Digital Display Totem allow you to loop your presentation or set an on/off timer so it only plays during your opening hours. 

With the introduction of LED into illuminating concepts, a new dimension of durable signage has been guaranteed. LED sign boards are energy efficient, durable, long lasting, water and weather-proof, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly due to their disposal integrity. Premium free-standing single-sided digital advertising screen - Attract attention better with slideshows, videos or both - High quality LG 43" full HD screen for maximum impact - FREE UK mainland express delivery with this product.

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Personalize your home or business with exclusive, made to order door numbers and name plaques. Designed and manufactured by our in-house craftsman, you can choose, but not limited to aluminium brushed silver/gold, wood, vinyl and acrylic for that perfect, envious look and feel.

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Produced using our industry leading UV LED printer on acrylic, we can produce a sharp, pristine map of any size with aluminium surround and integrated lighting that will undoubtably give any room the X Factor look and feel.  

ınternal   SIGNAGE   

Reflect your brand on the inside of your business with our interior signage solutions. Sign Architects production hub is fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment enabling us to design, print, manufacture and install almost all forms of indoor signs, meeting your brief and budget specification. Interior signage comes in many forms to suit a diverse mix of environments and requirements. From corporate identity to retail signage, illuminated signs and wayfinding systems, Sign Architects design and manufacture bespoke solutions to suit the needs and budgets of every organisation.

projectıon   box  

Having illuminated signage is a great way to make your business stand out in the high street, where there is often a plethora of shop and local business signs competing for attention. Using light means your sign will be visible always, day and night. As well as standing out from the crowd, it offers the opportunity to consolidate your branding and create the right first impression for your business. Projection Boxes are a great solution if you are looking for a double-sided projecting sign as they offer a great selection of design and material choices that means a durable, cost effective and power efficient sign that will essentially form the face of your business.